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    Welcome to Cobb Hoops Basketball Training Program. Whatever your child's goals-making their school team or even a college scholarship- our staff specializes in helping your child reach their unique aspirations. Our Staff helps develop the player’s fundamentals through a series of specific drills, basketball IQ breakdowns and applications. We take pride in using proven programs to help your child make it to the next level. Over the last 3 years, we have had many success stories of kids throughout the area coming to our training sessions and achieving more than they thought possible. Your child can be next!
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Game Plan


Keep Your Head On The Game

Because every child is different, we employ a coaching staff that cares enough to find out the individual goals and expectations of each player. The staff helps the player realize those goals during their chosen program with noticeable improvement by program end. We help by creating a positive environment where players are encouraged and motivated while achieving skill through fundamental reinforcement using repetition, direction and respect.


  • Individual
  • Smal Group
  • Team
  • Summer Training Program
  • Position Specific
  • Shooting Techniques

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Find out more about our services and our specialized training programs. You can find the training program that’s just right for your child.


About Cobb Hoops Staff: 

Get to know more about us and find out about our training and basketball backgrounds. How can we benefit your child? Find out more about- Our Staff